Variations in Products - Everything is designed, cut and sewn by me. In most cases the item you receive will be the exact item shown in the photos, but some are not. If this is a concern to you, please contact me in advance and I can confirm one way or the other.

Turnaround Time - For pre-orders please allow approximately 3-5 weeks for production, and 1-3 days for U.S. shipping. I will do my best to complete your order in a timely manner, but please let me now if you absolutely must have your order by a specific date; in most cases I can make it happen for you!

RTS (Ready to Ship) Orders - If your order does not include pre-order items, it will be shipped within 7 business days of receiving the order. Otherwise, it will be shipped within approximately 3-5 weeks with the rest of your purchases.

Special Orders and Rush Orders - are welcome for an additional fee. The additional cost will be determined by the specifics of your request. Please contact me for further details.

Return Policy - I stand behind my work 100%, and customer satisfaction is my highest priority. In general,  I do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you received is not the item you ordered, but if you're unhappy or disappointed with your purchase, please contact me within 72 hours so we can resolve whatever the issue may be. I'll consider returns and exchanges on a case-by-case basis, but please ask for more photos, measurements, etc before you make your final purchase.

How to care for your props -  Most of the items I create are a combination of 2-3 various natural fibers, such as; linen, wool, wool blends, cashmere, angora, alpaca and silks. Some have a small percentage of synthetic material, but in general everything should be hand washed and air dried.

I recommend removing all attachable headbands, drawstrings, sashes, braided belts, etc. so they do not tangle or mat together. Soak clothing in cold water with a mild soap. My favorite brands are Dr. Bronner's and Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. 

Sizing - Fits newborns between 5-14 days old. Most pants and bonnets are somewhat adjustable to accommodate a range in size. If you need specific measurements please contact me and I'll be more than happy to work that out with you.


To be used as a photographic prop only.  Never leave a baby or child unattended while wearing these props.